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For children who are 3 to 6 years old (pre-K and Kindergarten)

Each of our four Primary classrooms is a rich learning environment full of materials in math, language, science, geography, cultural studies, art, and music. These areas are integrated so that, for example, what is presented as a geography lesson also has elements of language and geometry.

Children within a three-year age span work together in the classroom. The more experienced children become mentors to the younger children. The less experienced children become engaged and excited about learning by observing the academic success of the older children. All children work at their own pace as they are guided through the classroom curriculum. Once they are finished with an activity, the children return the materials and take responsibility for cleaning up after themselves.

We engage the children in divergent thinking. The Montessori Method generates creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. Children work together to study a topic of interest or prepare independent explorations and present them to their class. This starts at the youngest level and builds on itself throughout the Elementary program.

Our staff members prepare a classroom environment that fosters a love of learning, while giving the children a strong academic foundation and an emotional confidence to develop into self-assured young students.