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Lower Elementary

For children ages 6 to 9 years old

Montessori education prepares students for life.

As educators, we are helping the children to become self-confident, emotionally secure and active global citizens. A Montessori elementary classroom continues the design of combining the three-year age groupings. Being in the same classroom with the same teacher for three years gives the children emotional and social stability upon which they build a strong academic foundation. Students use manipulative materials that allow abstract concepts to be represented in a concrete form.

First, in the Primary classroom, children are presented with the concept of our Earth to orient them to the world around them. Then, in the Elementary classroom, children are given lessons on the universe. Dr. Montessori designed the Elementary curriculum, known as Cosmic Education, to appeal to the reasoning mind and imagination. Cosmic Education incorporates the subject areas of math, language, geometry, botany, zoology, history, geography, art and music. Five Great Lessons are presented every year to set the stage for Cosmic Education. These lessons present the creation of the universe, the coming of life on Earth, the coming of human beings, and the invention of language and mathematics.

Montessori elementary children are guided to take a key role in their own education. They often have the freedom to choose work partners and topics for study, thereby becoming responsible for their own activities. Children work at their own pace, which allows students to excel or spend more time on a particular topic depending on their skill level. Children with Montessori Elementary education develop a love for and a strong understanding of the world around them.