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Montessori Spanish Lesson


The Spanish program at our school gives a basic foundation in the development of listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills of the Spanish language. The topics are sequentially presented and practiced at a pace that allows for a solid understanding and use of the language. Activities in and out of the classroom complement the learning process in a fun and creative way. During classes, children participate at their own pace with assignments that allow them to explore the language creatively by making their own sentences and by encouraging them to create interactive ideas for their study.

In the Primary class, children are exposed to the Spanish language by learning basic vocabulary and expressions of emotional and physical states.

In the Lower Elementary Class, grammar is introduced along with a more expanded, wider vocabulary. The children begin to read and write their own sentences in Spanish at a basic level.

At the Upper Elementary level, the children read and write short paragraphs. They are introduced to verbs, as well as vocabulary and grammatical elements that allow them to express ideas and create descriptions in the present. Speaking is practiced during the lessons with a conversation lead by the teacher. Children are encouraged to develop their own original creative writing in Spanish.