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Lower El Music


The overall vision for the music program at MdTL is for children to be engaged and enjoy music as part of their everyday Montessori experience in a manner that is self-directed, inclusive and experiential. The Music Program encompasses a curriculum which builds upon itself from the Pre-Primary through the Elementary years, setting up students for success as they explore and develop their own musical interests, and Music as a genre along with its many elements.

Music is a part of the everyday curriculum in the Pre-Primary class. Through singing, rhythm exploration, and the use of basic instruments, children are exposed to and absorb many different types of song and music.

In the Primary classroom, students engage with Montessori music materials and lessons, in particular the tone bells, but also sing seasonal songs and preschool favorites in daily gatherings with their Head Teacher. Group games involve singing, movement and rhythm.

At the Lower Elementary level, students explore sound, play, sing, compose and create with our Elementary Music Teacher, Michael Rennie. Leading with inspiration, children will discover music in a greater depth from classical to contemporary. They begin to progressively learn rhythmic and harmonic structure and discover genres of music and instruments from around the world. Most importantly they are always immersed in playing music, and having a lot of fun doing it!

The Upper Elementary students dive deeper into music history and theory. Children are encouraged to bring their instruments to school for music class, and together with the school’s Orff instruments they enjoy singing and playing as ensembles, both big and small. They also work more intensely with audiation and aural training, building students’ confidence in their musicality, both as individuals and as a group.