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Primary Music Teacher: Steve Pierce

The music program at Montessori de Terra Linda is an active approach to teaching music and movement. This approach is based on the premise that children are innately musical and that they naturally love to sing, dance, and play. Our approach uses instruments, both small percussion and easy-to-play instruments such as xylophones, to incorporate hands-on rhythmic and melodic experiences, as well as sharing and playing together.

Active musical participation provides a sense of meaning that we all need to feel healthy and connected. A typical class has a mix of activities. We sing songs from around the world or chant rhymes and poems to explore our voices and stimulate our sense of rhythm and imagery.

An important element of music class is the opportunity to share or discover something that is truly one's own. Students might do this through trying a new style of singing, taking a chance to be a leader, improvising and composing at the xylophone, or thoughtfully discussing their work or music from other cultures.

Through these experiences, children work toward awakening their own inner rhythms, and realizing their innate musicality. Music builds confidence and a sense of community through joyful work and play.

Music class is integrated into all levels from Pre-Primary to Upper Elementary. These lessons are showcased in student performances twice a year:

  • Fall Sing
  • Spring Festival
Lower El Music

Elementary Music Teacher: Mike Rennie


Elementary After School Music Lessons

Individual and Group music lessons for Elementary students are now available after school! Lower and Upper Elementary students may sign up for lessons on:
  • piano
  • guitar
  • violin
  • drums
Please click here to fill out a short form if you are interested or have any questions for our Elementary Music Teacher, Michael Rennie. Michael will be organizing individual and group sign-ups directly, and classes will be held at MdTL.