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COVID-19 Information

We actively monitor the latest information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and consistently follow guidelines from Marin County Public Health (MCPH) and Marin County Office of Education (MCOE).

The health and well-being of the MdTL school community is our highest priority. This page provides information and resources for MdTL families and will be updated as protocols evolve.

Our Collective Responsibility: The MdTL Commitment

As a Montessori de Terra Linda community member, I understand it is my responsibility to protect myself, my children, and also those around me, including those who may be more vulnerable, in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Marin. I will do my part by acting in a responsible manner at school and away from school, understanding that taking intentional action for my family’s health and safety actually works to protect the community at large. I agree to align my actions with all guidance, policies, procedures, and orders related to COVID-19 implemented by the state, county, and the school.

MdTL's School Site Protection Plan

MdTL has a published SSPP which was initially submitted on August 20, 2020, as a required step in reopening our campus. It was updated for the 2021-22 school year and again in October of 2021 as guidance and regulations changed. MdTL's current SSPP may be referenced here

2021-2022 Protocols

  • Staff and students in all program levels consistently wear masks at school
    • 10/12/21 Update: masks are no longer required outdoors
    • 1/04/22 Update: masks required indoors and out
  • All MdTL staff are vaccinated for COVID-19
  • Students and staff with new illness symptoms must stay home and follow current Marin County Public Health protocols before returning to school

  • Routine surveillance COVID testing for all students (at-home tests for Pre-Primary and Primary students, testing at school for Elementary students)

  • Frequent and consistent hand washing


All children enrolled at MdTL participate in weekly surveillance testing for COVID-19, which strengthens our community’s defenses against the spread of the COVID virus, thereby keeping our children safe and our school open and fully functioning. Once a student is fully vaccinated for COVID-19, they are no longer required to participate in surveillance testing, but will continue to have tests available to them if symptoms arise.

Pre-Primary and Primary

10/31/21 - MdTL has been approved to participate in the California Department of Public Health at-home COVID-19 testing program for preschool age children. MdTL Pre-Primary & Primary families  test their children at home once a week using a BinaxNow Rapid Antigen Test, provided free to each family by the California Department of Public Health. The rapid tests may also be used if a child is symptomatic. 


We launched our in-school COVID testing program for our Elementary students the first week in September 2021 in partnership with the California Department of Public Health’s Rapid Antigen Testing Program for K-12 schools. This has allowed us to facilitate biweekly surveillance testing of students at school though self-swabbing rapid tests. In the event any symptoms are present in an Elementary student, a rapid test is administered.

  • Symptomatic Testing: COVID testing for anyone who develops any symptoms that are listed as requiring confirmation of a negative COVID test to return to school.
  • Surveillance Testing: Weekly testing of asymptomatic students as a part of our overall COVID-19 mitigation strategy, in the hopes that asymptomatic cases of COVID can be detected prior to exposures within our school community.
  • BinaxNow: Brand of rapid antigen test supplied to MdTL by the California Department of Public Health.