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A Parent's Story

As I drove into the parking lot of Montessori de Terra Linda (MdTL) with well-thought-out questions so neat and tidy in my folder, all logic and reasoning went out the window and a sense of fear overcame me.

I said to myself, "How can I possibly make the right choice for our child? I am not ready for this. He’s not ready. I need more time. Is it safe enough?" And yes, I did ask the question, "Will they be nice to our baby?"

I hesitated and sat in the car for a moment to rethink this whole thing for the hundredth time. Looking at the lush landscape of the school grounds, I experienced a sense of calmness and slowly released my grip on the steering wheel. I then saw a little bunny resting under a willow tree. I am no expert, but this was a beautiful environment for a child.

As I watched, a small person holding a basket of flowers arrived to the green grassy area. The child made his way across the field and gently approached the bunny. With care and in a natural way, he began to feed and nurture the bunny. The bedding was neatly placed in the cage and the child carefully minded his feet so as not to disturb or frighten the animal.

Following the child was an adult who I believed to be a teacher. Watching the teacher with the child was like seeing Mother Nature herself. I quickly got out of my car to get a closer look. As I peered through the fence, the lovely woman said to me, “Hello, can I help you?” I nervously replied, “I’m here to have a tour.” “Wonderful,” she said, “My name is Laurin and I’ll take you right in.”

On my tour, I observed a community of children helping one another as I had never seen before except in my dreams. Seeing these children working, helping, nurturing, laughing and playing together, all with a sense of peace and order, truly amazed me. It was an order that was not forced or dictated, but rather seemed so natural that I had to know: how does this work?

My tour continued to the Upper Elementary classroom, where I observed the older students’ mastery of the sense of community displayed by the younger children. I was now even more engrossed in this environment and way of learning. I knew this was the right place for my family.

I believe all parents want a perfect place for their children. I know there is really no such thing, but what Montessori de Terra Linda offers is more than lessons in learning; it offers a sense of home. I believe that is the best we can give our children.

After nearly six years at the school, our children have grown into the most loving, thoughtful, confident, proud, energized, independent beings, and have formed relationships with their peers that will last a lifetime.

Montessori de Terra Linda offers such a wonderful environment not only to our children, but also to the parents and staff. There is a very strong connection and commitment between us, and I find comfort in knowing this is more than an institution--it is a family.

With great respect and appreciation, thank you MdTL for loving our children.