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Two smiling Primary children with the sun on their faces sit together in the garden
An aerial view of the Pre-Primary/Primary playscape with logs and boulders for climbing, garden beds and grass
A group of smiling two year olds hold hands in a circle on the grass
Two Upper Elementary students examine a map of the world
A child holds the blue cube as she assembles the Trinomial Cube
A group of Primary children in rain coats and boots with their hands in the air
A two year old squats down to place a toy giraffe in a line with other animal from Africa
A group of Lower Elementary students hike along the coast during an outing to Slide Ranch
Two Upper Elementary students on stage for the musical production of Seussical the Musical
A group of Lower Elementary students paint their own version of sunflowers with watercolors
Two Upper Elementary students read in a tree
An Upper Elementary student dissects a chocolate chip cookie using a paperclip

Discover Montessori de Terra Linda

An AMI Montessori School, ages 2 years through 6th Grade



Our Pre-Primary program is for children between the ages of 2 to 3 years and can best be encapsulated by the phrase, “Help me do it myself.”


Our Primary program is for children between the ages of 3 to 6 years. During the Primary years, a love of learning is nurtured, foundational academic skills are formed, and confidence blooms.


Montessori education prepares students for life. Our Elementary program, for children between the ages of 6 to 12 years (1st-6th grade), sparks the imagination, engages students in divergent thinking, and inspires live-long learners. 

Mixed-Age Learning

Children remain in the same classroom for a three-year cycle, which allows them to form a deep bond with their teacher. They have the opportunity to experience three different roles: the youngest, middle, and the oldest.


We are so much more than a school. MdTL is a nurturing, supportive community for our students and their families.

Beyond the Classroom

Elementary students are ready to explore their community and begin to seek information outside of their classroom walls. "Going Outs" are an integral part of our Elementary program.

What's Happening

By the Numbers

50 +


as a school



Ages 2 years through 6th Grade



with the same teacher


Staff Vaccinated

against COVID-19





our campus is open each day