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News & Event Calendars


Parent Education Night this Thursday, March 2 at 6:30pm

MdTL Parents, please join us this Thursday at 6:30pm for a Parent Education Night with Jane Jacobs:

How To Talk So Your Child Will Listen... and More!
Thursday, March 2, 6:30PM - 7:30PM

The evening presentation and discussion will be lively and filled with ideas you can put into immediate practice. Some topics include:

  • Be more effective in communication with your child (and more supportive with yourself!)
  • The importance of independence at home and ways to foster independence in your child
  • Why chores are vital to building independence and empowerment
  • Down-time and allowing our children the gift of boredom
Click here for complimentary childcare during the event for currently enrolled students.
One volunteer hour will be earned by each family attending.

Have other questions/topics? Email rika@mdtl.org and she will share them with Jane beforehand.
Jane is an Educational Consultant for Montessori Services, a trained Primary Montessori Teacher, and also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

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Dear MdTL Families,

Thank you all very much for your understanding, cooperation and quick responsiveness in picking up your children this afternoon during our storm-related school closure. Making the decision to close school is a difficult one, and the safety of our MdTL children is always the main driver behind making that call. Fortunately, these types of closures are uncommon for us!

Late Thursday, full power was restored to the school and our neighborhood, and it looks as if the worst of the storms and flash flooding have now passed.

Friday, February 10, school will resume for Lower and Upper Elementary students. And, as scheduled, there is no school tomorrow for Pre-Primary and Primary students (it is an in-service day). Childcare will take place as scheduled for those who pre-registered.

Today provided us a chance to our emergency pick-up procedures, and we were very impressed with how smoothly dismissal went. Our emergency alert system worked well; everyone should have received a recorded message from OneCall Now detailing the early dismissal procedures.

After reviewing the afternoon, these are some of the things that stood out that it would be prudent to review with everyone should we have to enact an early dismissal or emergency pick up again in the future:

1. We ask that if you miss a call from school, please check to see if you have a voicemail from us and listen to it first.

We understand that it is jarring to see MdTL pop up in your missed call log and our first instinct is to call back immediately instead of taking the time to listen to a voicemail. Please only call school in these types of situations if absolutely necessary so that as many staff members as possible can be working to support the teachers and students in the classrooms.

2. Please add this "MdTL Emergency Line" 415-479-5394 phone number into your contact list

When we lose power, we plug in our "old school" analog phone. The phone number for that line is 415-479-5394, the "MdTL Emergency Line". If you have missed a call, listened to your voicemail and get a message via our One Call Now system, please only use this 479-5394 number if you need to call school. Because our phone system switches to a battery backup when we lose power, it is extremely important that we minimize calls to the main number as the more we use our main line, the faster that battery drains.

3. Make sure your emergency contacts on record with the school are up to date.

Had this been a severe emergency and we needed to evacuate immediately, we would be calling your emergency contacts to pick up if you weren't available. If you did not receive a One Call automated message, please let us know.

Again, thank you to everyone for your quick response to our power outage. We look forward to seeing our Elementary students back tomorrow, and our Pre-primary and Primary students back Monday (tomorrow being an in-service day for these programs).


Jaye and the Administrative Team

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Parents should have received a One Call Now automated alert and email with this notification: At 3pm Thursday, February 9, Montessori de Terra Linda will be closing due to a widespread power outage in our area. Please make your way safely to school or make arrangements to have your child/ren picked up by 3pm. We will not be offering after care at any program level today.

To reach the school while the power is out, please call our analog phone number: 415-479-5394

Friday, February 10: No School for Pre-Primary and Primary, as previously scheduled.

If school will be closed tomorrow for our Lower and Upper Elementary programs, parents will receive notification via:

  • One Call Now automatic phone alert
  • An all-school email alert
  • KGO AM morning radio

If you do not receive a notification by 6:45 a.m., that means school will be OPEN. Please leave for school early to give yourself enough time, and check conditions before you leave. Current emergency hazards and road closure information may be available on the Marin County Sheriff's Office webpage. Thank you!

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